Innovative article to wind and to unroll fishing mono-wire

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Hello to all fishing colleagues and dear visitors of this site of mine. I would like to explain to you my adventure!

My name is Isidoro, I am 63 years old and am retired from work. My sports fishing passion and my interests in electronics and mechanics have pushed me to devise, design and build a 12V electro-mechanical apparatus (ROLLERocco - photo aside) whose weight is 15Kg, able to transport and wind the fishing single wire from the commercial distributing bobbin to the collecting device placed on the fishing reel (of the type with fixed drum) and vice versa. The device (ROLLERocco), therefore, allows receiving the different single-wire commercial bobbins and transferring their contents onto fishing reel bobbins (and on other bobbins) in an accurate and linear way, avoiding single-wire torsions on itself, keeping its tension constant till the different coiling are completed.

I with ROLLERocco

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Every day we fishers, as well as skilled professionals, are drastically penalised both at practical and at economic level, since, in order to best carry out the previously described operations, we are compelled to perform different and, in some cases, bizarre manual procedures (fishing fans know this well..!!!), that consist in being helped by another person, that will have to keep the bobbin in a vertical position, while on the other hand the single wire will be collected by rotating the reel; if there are no outside helps, the same operation will be carried out by freely leaving the bobbin on the ground; or, otherwise, by immersing the matrix bobbin in water or throwing it from the 4 or 5 floor of our house to then rewind it by using screwing devices or the like without however solving the basic problem that always it true??! We will then use a newly purchased single wire, that will become worn due to the coiling effect performed with the same reel ( CLICK HERE to see the graph in .pdf), in contradiction with the most elementary technical winding standards. In fact, these manual procedures have the following disadvantages: 1) slowness in collecting the single wire; 2) incapability of determining the amount of single wire that is really necessary; 3) very bad quality: the single wire collected on the reel will acquire defects such as alteration of its original memory and torsion, always showing curving problems. From this, my idea and motivation have been born, by making the above-cited apparatus in order to solve the above-described problems, thereby demonstrating that today there is an alternative and a solution.

I hope that this site, made for the very purpose of better describing and showing my project, can be easily understood and well appreciated by everybody!!

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